Year 5 Maths Spreadsheet Quizzes

In Computing, pupils in Year 5 have been making their own maths quizzes in Excel. They used spreadsheet formulae to to calculate the answers and then used the conditional formatting tool to instruct each answer cell to turn red or green depending on whether the player inputs the correct answer. Why not have a go yourself! Put your answer into the answer cell and if it goes green you have the correct answer but if it goes red your answer is incorrect!

Natalia’s Maths Quiz…

Eva-Grace’s Maths Quiz…

Miyah’s Maths Quiz…

Online Safety Laptop Screensaver Competition

In Computing, pupils from Year 4, 5 and 6 designed their own laptop screensaver based on the theme of online safety. The three designs below were chosen by Mrs Ward as her favourite one from each class. Please vote for the one which you think we should now have as the desktop screensaver on our school laptops…

Which of the images below should we have as our new laptop screensaver?

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

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Attendance and Punctuality Double Winners

The children in Year 1 are happy and proud because they are the double winners of the attendance and punctuality cups. Last week their attendance was 97% and they lost 30 minutes of learning time due to lateness. Keep it up Year 1!

We want to win both cups every week!

Thanks to all the parents for ensuring their children are present and punctual each day.

Look at some of the things we have done this term in year 2

We have been learning some Spanish with Senora Martinez who has been coming to school on Thursdays.

We made cards for Mother’s Day, using different paper techniques.





We went on trip to see Rob Biddulph, the Author of Kevin, Blown away, Sunk, Grrr and Odd Dog Out. We had a great time and have written letters to him too.

We also had many practical maths lessons, including some of shapes and nets of shapes.


Year Two have had a busy start to Spring

Look at some of the things we have done.

Including  playing in the snow!

We have been using the hop scotch outside to help our maths skills. We have been learning about money using real coins and measuring different things around school.

In Art and design we have used a variety of materials and techniques to create African masks linked to our topic on Africa. We have been studying different countries in Africa and comparing them to Manchester.

We have also been listening to African music and learning African Dance.