Year 1

Nineteen children in Year 1 received April’s Travel Tracking badge for attending school on their scooters, walking, cycling or parking round the corner from school and walking. Congratulations to all these children and we hope in May all the children in the class will receive the next badge.

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Year 1 Lowry Art Gallery

Year 1 had a fantastic trip come and see

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Water Beads

We added water to the beads and were amazed to see them get so big. We counted the beads and described how they felt.

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Maths and writing by Reception

Writing – we wrote sentences and drew pictures outside on the white board and floor.

Maths apples – we put Cheerios on the apples to add up. We then wrote our answer on the number sentence.


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Busy reception class

Balance – we followed the lines in the playground trying to balance the eggs on the spoon.

Perfume – we made our own perfumes. We used different leaves, petals and oranges in our perfumes.

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Star Wars Rogue One

Rogue one is the newest Star Wars movie and it is so cool it has epic characters. The main character is Jyn Erso and also Cassio. Cassio has an epic sniper and an epic rifle and the girl Jyn Erso has a quite a good pistol too. At the end she gets an epic rifle too. This is the picture of all the characters. Well the are all the main characters anyway. Do you like Star Wars like me?

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Rain in the forest by Bart

Look at my cool Rainforest animation. Let me know what you think please.

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Rainforest Animation

This is my Rainforest animation. Hope you like it

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Teo’s football poster

Check out my project it’s amazing.¬†You can see it here. I made it using the website Mozilla Thimble. I changed the html code to make it about football.

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Optical illusions

Image result for optical illusions

Optical illusions trick your mind into thinking things that aren’t happening. This picture is actually still believe it or not!

Image result for optical illusions

Can you see the two faces?

Image result for optical illusion legs

Are these women’s legs or men’s legs?

Image result for optical illusions

Are these steps?

Image result for optical illusions

This is not a tunnel! It is 2D!

Image result for optical illusions moving

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