Remembering Mrs Page

Last week the school held a mass to remember our dear former head teacher Mrs Page. Following the mass Y6 took our turn to plant bulbs in Mrs Page’s remembrance garden and said some prayers for her.

DSC02330 DSC02336

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RE/Music/Black History – all in one fab morning.

Last week Y6 celebrated Black History Month by attending an event at the Royal Northern College of Music. We sang, clapped, danced and learned at lot – as well as having a fabulous time!

DSC02314 DSC02320 DSC02321

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The Bright Lights of Year 6

As part of our Science topic focusing on Light Y6 have investigated how light travels in straight lines and improved our understanding of opaque object by making shadow puppets.

DSC02288 DSC02291 DSC02296 DSC02300 DSC02307

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Special Friends Play-Date

Next half term Y6 will officially get their special friends from Reception class … this half term we had a lovely play-date to get to know each other.DSC02257 DSC02262 DSC02274 DSC02281

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Romeo and Juliet Cast Workshop

Earlier this term we visited The Contact Theatre to aid our Shakespeare performance … we even took our drums! (Don’t worry – they were belted in).

DSC02241 DSC02245

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Group Writing

As part of our quest to improve writing we find working in pairs and peer-assessing helps us to improve our writing

.DSC02224 DSC02225 DSC02227

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Jumpin’ gymnasts

In between all our Romeo and Juliet work we even managed to squeeze in some gymnastics!


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Crucial knowledge from Crucial Crew

Earlier this term we visited Crucial Crew who presented a number of interesting workshops as to how we can stay safe and healthy.DSC02150 DSC02151 DSC02159 DSC02160

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Mega Maths

This half term Y6 have made an impressive start to our maths by completing a wide range of work – including some very interesting puzzles and problem solving.

DSC02148 DSC02209 DSC02221 DSC02234

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Marin Procession from school 2016

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 held a procession for Our Lady in school. We carried the figure of Our Lady as we sang hymns to her. We prayed for those who need Mary’s help.

DSC05761 DSC05764 DSC05765 DSC05766 DSC05768 DSC05770 DSC05773 DSC05777 DSC05778 DSC05779 DSC05780 DSC05782 DSC05784 DSC05785 DSC05786 DSC05787 DSC05792 DSC05793 DSC05795 DSC05797 DSC05802 DSC05803 DSC05804 DSC05806 DSC05809 DSC05811 DSC05812 DSC05813 DSC05815 DSC05816 DSC05833 DSC05834 DSC05835 DSC05836 DSC05838 DSC05841 DSC05843 DSC05844 DSC05847 DSC05848 DSC05849 DSC05850 DSC05851 DSC05852 DSC05853 DSC05854 DSC05855 DSC05856 DSC05857 DSC05858 DSC05859 DSC05861 DSC05863 DSC05864 DSC05866 DSC05867 DSC05871 DSC05872 DSC05873 DSC05874 DSC05876 DSC05877 DSC05879 DSC05882 DSC05883

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