EYFS Computer Programming!

Reception class have been learning all about computer programming this half term. Over the last few weeks, they have been taking part in three different “carousel activities” . Group one have been acting as “human cranes” and had to find the right algorithms (sequence of instructions) to guide their partner (the “human crane”), as they moved toy bricks into different bowls. Another group were busy programming their own animation using the Scratch jnr iPad app. A third group were busy programming  the Beebots to get to the toy dinosaurs, that were spread out on their tables. The children then moved around the class to take part in each activity. All the children worked fantastically well and really impressed Mr Edmondson with their logical thinking skills. Well done reception class!

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Music Assembly

On Monday the 12th December Loreto Sixth form college paid a musical visit to Our lady’s Primary school. It all started on a normal day and the whole school was called in to come to assembly in the hall. But we didn’t  know that musicians where coming and it was fantastic. All kinds of musicians played different instruments. There was a special kind of instrument that I liked it was called our human voices. There was a girl called Sarah and she was fantastic, she sang so fluently and beautifully and she sang a Christmas song called Silent Night (it was like she was in the opera)!

Then after all 12 students had finished there turn of playing an instrument we were allowed to ask questions. So I asked Sarah a question and it was how old were you when you started singing and the answer was since she was 9 years old and since she was my height.

So in the end I got to sing to her and she thought that I was amazing and I got to hug her and maybe in the new year some people from our school will be able to go to Loreto Sixth Form College. So thank you to Mrs. Ward and Mrs Gordon who arranged it with the college. Also who knew that Mrs. Ward played the Violin, Piano and Guitar?!

By Roselle

The End of Term assembly at Our Lady’s 2014

Photo 19-12-2014 9 50 57 am

Photo 19-12-2014 9 30 39 am


Photo 19-12-2014 9 32 53 am








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Our lady’s had a special last day of term assembly and all the children from Drama Club were preforming the Nativity it was fantastic it felt like I was really in the time when Jesus was born! It was a bit different because they were wearing much more modern clothes and there were no boys taking part so some of the girls had to pretend that they were men. As you can see, there were at least 240 something people in the hall (including parents) so I think the Drama club were very brave! Well done drama club.

By Tamia

Joy Day

Joy Day

Would you like to know what we do in our school to reward children for being good and not having 3 detentions in 1 term, having magnificent attendance and having fantastic punctuality? Well your in for a treat because today Friday the 12th of December we had a Joy Day to reward the good children and I was one of them!

We were allowed to wear our own clothes and bring in our own toys!! We also got to play dancing competitions and go on the computers and do arts and crafts and some other people played Monopoly. Then in the afternoon we watched a film called… Maleficent and it was AMAZING. I recommend it and if you have already watched it, recommend it to your friends and family.

But all of this would not have happened without Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Gordon our school headteachers and the school staff who always look after us and the parents who get us to school on time so thank you everyone who helped the children. Also a warm thanks to the Fools of Our Lady’s who arranged all the stalls after our Christmas plays and the helpers who helped sell things. And last but not least congratulations to the raffle winners who won the prizes and to the parents who helped buy tickets to raise money for our school. Anyway have a Merry merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

From Roselle!!

Let It Snow!

Today, in reception, it was joy day and by the look of their classroom, I think it’s been snowing inside! All of the children have been participating in a hole day of snowman fun.

They have made some snowman pictures out of cotton pads and coloured paper and  others out of paint. They also watched a film about a boy and a snowman who go flying away at night. Can you guess  what it’s called? “The snowman” of course!

Photo 12-12-2014 3 35 44 pm

Photo 12-12-2014 3 35 15 pm

Photo 12-12-2014 3 36 14 pm

Photo 12-12-2014 3 36 25 pm

By Sarah

Christmas Collage, by James, Isabel, Diyari, Syzmon, Lena and Sofia

The children in nursery class worked with Mr Edmondson this afternoon, making their own christmas collages, using the iPad app Pic Collage. They each drew, made or found something related to Christmas and took a photograph of it. They then designed this fantastic looking poster. Mr Edmondson was particular impressed with how they used their knowledge of letter sounds to help him with adding the text. Well done once again nursery class!

P.S. Look out for the other group’s posters next week!

Photo 12-12-2014 7 44 28 pm