Warning: don’t park on the zigzag lines.

Warning: Please don’t park on the zigzag lines!

I am especially writing this post on the zigzag lines to the parents because some parents with cars are still parking on the zigzag lines! As you can see on the Yellow zigzag lines there is a little quote that says “School – Keep – Clear.”

Obviously we don’t just want our children to be safe in school but also safe out of school too. Parents, please could you stop parking on the zigzag lines? Let me tell you something, at St. Margaret’s school there was a child that was in between two cars and so the driver was just driving that car straight past the little child but whilst the child was crossing the road the car was coming closer and closer and parents you know what happened then don’t you?

We all want our children to be safe so why put them in danger by parking on the zigzag lines? Thank you for listening, have a nice day!

By Roselle

The School Slam Poetry Competition!


Although this school is known for their great story writing, they are also known for brilliant Slam poetry!

The school has decided to have a school slam poetry competition for all classes to enter! Slam Poetry is poetry that gets performed to an audience such as your family, siblings, friends and more! There will be a prize for the winner.

Here are some slam poetry quotes:

Blue= Shel Silverstein,

Purple= William Shakespeare,

Aqua= Tamia, year 6!

“Listen to the mustn’ts child. Listen to the don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’t haves, the impossibles, the won’ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me. Anything can happen child. Anything can be.” 

By Shel Silverstein

“The course of true love never did run smooth.”

By William Shakespeare

“I’m a poet who will never be shy!”

By Tamia

I hope these quotes inspired you to do Slam Poetry because they were wrote by famous people (and me)! So Get Writing! For more ideas go onto www.poetryslam.org.uk

 By Tamia


As promised year 2 here’s a screenshot of Level 9 from today. Remember to post your algorithm in the comment box. If it is the right solution, you will be rewarded with 4 dojo points! TIP: use the words forward, turn left or turn right or F, L or R when typing it. Good luck!

P..S. other year groups are welcome to have a go as well. Just post your solution as a comment.


Photo 28-01-2015 10 10 25 am

Year 6 visit the MRI

Year 6 visited the MRI on the 19 of January. Back in school they wrote some things that they had learnt whilst their. In their books, they wrote about how to look for possible dangers which may have injured the person and also how to try and figure out how it may have caused the accident. For example, make sure you know how to keep yourself safe. Do not approach the injured if it is a stranger. Here is an example of some other key tips…


Photo 28-01-2015 4 15 32 pm


 Written by Tristen


Granny Ward has come to save the day

Congratulations to Mrs Ward and her daughter Helen who gave birth to a baby boy on Monday 26th January 2015 at early hours around 7am. He is called Leo and weighed 8 pounds and 8 ounces (which weighs a lot if you did not know).

So now one of the main points are… Mrs Ward is now classed as a Grandmother and sometimes for a joke we call her Granny Ward.

Mrs Ward says: “I am very proud of Helen and happy for her to have a baby boy. My Grandson Leo is very cute with a smile on his face and I am actually so suprised that I am now a Grandmother!”

By Tamia

Our wonderful year one

In year one they have been learning about the United Kingdom (UK). One pupil told me “I even know how many cities make the united kingdom!” They all had a map and wrote the cities in the correct place. In my eyes they’re extremely intelligent. Also they have been making their own houses out of cardboard boxes – they are very nice. These are some of the houses they have made…

Photo 21-01-2015 3 25 15 pm Photo 21-01-2015 3 25 33 pm

       By Marquis

Year 2 work about Africa

Year 2 have been completing work on Africa. They have been learning about different types of animals that live in Africa and what they eat. They also had a visitor called Micheal and he is from Ghana. Year 2 have been focusing on Ghana the most. They wrote a little booklet and included  information about animals in Africa. They did lots of research about it as well, which is now on the wall. Here are some pictures…

Photo 21-01-2015 3 36 13 pm

Photo 21-01-2015 3 36 32 pm-2

Thanks for reading,

By Chris

The Maths Assembly at Our Lady’s

Every Wednesday in the morning, the year 2 teacher Mrs George runs an assembly for the school called ‘The Maths Assembly’. Here is what happens every week…

First, as all children enter the hall, Mrs George plays music and then this is followed by the morning prayer. Then the first actual part is when the foundation stage count from 1 to 20. Then key stage 1 do their 2 times tables and next key stage 2 play a game of “beat the teacher” where two teachers play against two children doing different times table. The team with the most points wins.

Finally, we end with maths challenges for each class. For example two consecutive numbers that make 13 (but with different questions by the way). So the person with the correct answer wins. Try some of the different activities at home!

Photo 14-01-2015 3 50 10 pm

Photo 14-01-2015 3 51 46 pm-2

Photo 14-01-2015 3 52 02 pm

By Tamia