The Maths Assembly at Our Lady’s

Every Wednesday in the morning, the year 2 teacher Mrs George runs an assembly for the school called ‘The Maths Assembly’. Here is what happens every week…

First, as all children enter the hall, Mrs George plays music and then this is followed by the morning prayer. Then the first actual part is when the foundation stage count from 1 to 20. Then key stage 1 do their 2 times tables and next key stage 2 play a game of “beat the teacher” where two teachers play against two children doing different times table. The team with the most points wins.

Finally, we end with maths challenges for each class. For example two consecutive numbers that make 13 (but with different questions by the way). So the person with the correct answer wins. Try some of the different activities at home!

Photo 14-01-2015 3 50 10 pm

Photo 14-01-2015 3 51 46 pm-2

Photo 14-01-2015 3 52 02 pm

By Tamia

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  2. I enjoy maths assemblies because each class has a different challenge and it makes us want to do each others challenges and that’s really fun.

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