As promised year 2 here’s a screenshot of Level 9 from today. Remember to post your algorithm in the comment box. If it is the right solution, you will be rewarded with 4 dojo points! TIP: use the words forward, turn left or turn right or F, L or R when typing it. Good luck!

P..S. other year groups are welcome to have a go as well. Just post your solution as a comment.


Photo 28-01-2015 10 10 25 am

11 thoughts on “YEAR 2 ALEX CHALLENGE

    • Hi Miss, not quite but good try! The instruction right (r) or left (l) is a turn not a step so I don’t think this algorithm would get him very far! If you have an iPhone or iPad you can download the game from the app store for free or maybe you should sit in on next weeks lesson!!! Ha ha

      Mr E

  1. Well this time we did it in class so I hope it is right

    We said

    F R F L F R F L F R F L F

    Now we have to go and do PE see you tomorrow

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