Year 2 work about Africa

Year 2 have been completing work on Africa. They have been learning about different types of animals that live in Africa and what they eat. They also had a visitor called Micheal and he is from Ghana. Year 2 have been focusing on Ghana the most. They wrote a little booklet and included ¬†information about animals in Africa. They did lots of research about it as well, which is now on the wall. Here are some pictures…

Photo 21-01-2015 3 36 13 pm

Photo 21-01-2015 3 36 32 pm-2

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14 thoughts on “Year 2 work about Africa

  1. Kristoff said ” I learned lots of things about Africa and about the food they eat there”

    Martyna said she liked making the African masks in DT

    Chisom, liked learning about Africa because it is a big Continent

    Jacob enjoyed learning about the life of a child in Ghana and the differences between his life and hers, the fact she could not go to school once she was 11 as you have to pay for it!

  2. We have enjoyed learning about Africa, Jacob has enjoyed learning about the different languages spoken.
    We all enjoyed learning about the crocodiles that let children ride on them!!

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    Hope it’s right have a lovely holiday.

  4. Africa is a great continent to look at because my mum comes from that continent. She comes from Zimbabwe. And I Learn more about it. Good day Mr Edmsonsn

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