Warning: don’t park on the zigzag lines.

Warning: Please don’t park on the zigzag lines!

I am especially writing this post on the zigzag lines to the parents because some parents with cars are still parking on the zigzag lines! As you can see on the Yellow zigzag lines there is a little quote that says “School – Keep – Clear.”

Obviously we don’t just want our children to be safe in school but also safe out of school too. Parents, please could you stop parking on the zigzag lines? Let me tell you something, at St. Margaret’s school there was a child that was in between two cars and so the driver was just driving that car straight past the little child but whilst the child was crossing the road the car was coming closer and closer and parents you know what happened then don’t you?

We all want our children to be safe so why put them in danger by parking on the zigzag lines? Thank you for listening, have a nice day!

By Roselle

11 thoughts on “Warning: don’t park on the zigzag lines.

  1. I am happy to have seen in the past week there haven’t been as many cars on the zigzag lines, thanks to Roselle, i think no one could have wrote it better than you roselle

  2. That was very good roselle I didn’t know you could write like that, the post has obviously worked because I haven’t seen anyone park on the zigzag lines.

  3. Thankyou everyone for you positive comments I hope not to see anyone or any parent with a car park on the zig zag lines in the future thankyou everyone the comments were very nice

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