Magic Box Poem Competition.

Magic Box Poems Competition

Attention everybody there will be a magic box of poems competition! Guess what? Your mums and dads can enter. It all started when Kristof a child in year 2 shared some of his brilliant work in assembly.

It was a beautiful poem about special things inside a box so Mrs. Ward decided to challenge everybody including the adults from Our Lady’s to write a special magic poem. But the problem was that we didn’t have a place to put the poems because we have too much good work, so Nursery made a Magic Poem box and it looks fabulous so if you want to have a look I will put a photograph of the Magic Box up at the top.

Also some of the poems will be featured on the school newspaper the poems will be judged after the half term holiday are you going to enter the writing competition I hope you do.

So remember the competition will be judged after the half term so you better get writing!

By Roselle!

4 thoughts on “Magic Box Poem Competition.

  1. Year 2 have written some lovely poems and even made some Magic boxes! Thank you Roselle for writing about this competition.

  2. If you want to enter the competition, all you need to do is put your ‘Magic Box’ poem in the large decorated box in the hall. Don’t forget to write your name on it. If you are a parent or carer and wish to enter the competition, please write your name and the name of your child on the back of your poem before giving it to your child to deposit in the large painted box in the Hall. Because of the continued interest in ths competition, the closing date will be extended to Friday 27th February. This will give you time during the Half Term holiday to work on your poem.

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