Drumming the day away!!

For Joy Day we had an African drumming workshop. We had to listen to Ian the drummer, and he told us what to play. Kritsof said” It was difficult to follow, but it was fun”

Oliwia said” I liked the drumming because we were singing and playing lots of different things on the drum”

Jacob said ” It was brilliant!!”

We all enjoyed making LOTS of noise, Joy Day was fun.




Celebration Day! African Drumming!

On Friday 27th March Year 6 had an amazing time at the African drumming workshop. It was a fantastic experience and even Mr Moore and Mrs Durante got to have a go!

The pupils were brilliant as they listened to the instructions perfectly and mastered some complex beats.

… a great experience and a super reward for pupils’ good behaviour.

DSCF7538 DSCF7546

Nursery rhymes with a beat!

The Nursery had a great start to today’s Joy day! We all got to play an African drum, and played lots of our favourite songs such as Twinkle Twinkle, The Wheels on the Bus, and Baa Baa Black Sheep. We had a really good time. Thank you Ian!

DSCF7677 DSCF7678 DSCF7682

The Solar Eclipse

Year 3 enjoyed sitting in the playground, with their backs to the sun, experiencing the Solar eclipse.

We noticed that as it started to go dark the birds began to sing and it began to get colder.  When the sky was at its darkest the birds started to nest in the trees and stopped singing.

“The birds stopped singing because they thought it was night time!” Mason

“We didn’t look directly at the eclipse because that would damage our eyes.  We turned the Ipad on and watched it on the screen.”  Lex

“It felt as if it was the evening.” Ciara

“It got really cold because the sun was behind the moon and we get our heat from the sun.”  Fiona

“I felt happy!” Teo

“It felt as if it was the coldest the Earth could get!” Tarique

“It felt as if it was a day in Winter!” Kyro


Meeting our Special Friends

This half-term Year 6 and Reception made Special Friends. As is tradition at Our Lady’s, each Year 6 pupil is paired up with a Reception child. The Year 6’s absolutely love the responsibility of being a great role model for their Special Friend.

This children bonded immediately and already the Year 6’s have interviewed their Special Friends and accompanied them on a trip to church!

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