In Computing lessons, children in Nursery class were looking at healthy eating last term. They first demonstrated their knowledge by telling Mr Edmondson what kinds of foods and drinks are good for them and why. They were also able to tell him which foods and drinks are not healthy too and why. They then choose some healthy foods and programmed this informative animation on the Scatch jnr app. Please let them know what you think of it!


In Computing lessons recently, children in Reception class have been learning all about algorithms (step by step procedures or formulas for solving problems). To help them they each wrote a set of clear instructions for making a jam sandwich. They were then filmed in front of the Green Screen explaining and demonstrating how to do it. What do you think? Can you spot the next Jamie Oliver or Nigella?!

A blood-pumping race!









Year 6 recently created a race course to simulate the journey of blood through the heart and lungs during double circulation. Pupils ran a complicated course through the Vena Cava, Aorta and Pulmonary Artery to name but a few. To make things even more interesting at one point pupils changed from a blue vest to a red vest to simulate the exchange of oxygen in the lungs. It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun too. The fastest three around the course were Micah, L’Taijah and Jakub.DSCF7595 DSCF7596 DSCF7597 DSCF7598 DSCF7599 DSCF7600 DSCF7601 DSCF7602





Year Two Bakery

Along with our topic The Great Fire Of London, we are also making different types of bread. Each group has chosen a different bread to make, todays group made garlic bread. Not sure they had this in 1666! We have used a bread maker as an open oven in class would be dangerous!! We wouldn’t want a repeat of the bakery in Pudding Lane!! We will be making bread by hand over the next few weeks. We will do this is groups in the Bungalow so we can bake them in the oven.

DSC00144 DSC00146 DSC00148 DSC00149 DSC00150 DSC00151 DSC00152

Great Fire of London Theatre Visit

Year two had a visit from the Yellow Brick Road Theatre company who put on a work shop all about our topic, The Fire of London. The children enjoyed it very much. We looked at timelines, made sounds of the fire, wrote poems and talked about the history of the fire. Look at the pictures of us during the workshop. You will see the timeline, Our impression of the East wind and us being the houses….very close together!!

DSC00091 DSC00093 DSC00094 DSC00096 DSC00099