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Grafitti artists

As you can see from the pictures below children from the youth club have been producing original works of art in a 2 hour graffiti Worksop run by Jamie.

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Snapped by the paparazzi!

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Children in Reception class know so much about space! They have really enjoyed this topic and were able to put this knowledge to good effect, as they programmed this space animation, using the Scratch jnr ipad app. Well done Reception, … Continue reading

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Olé! Olé! El día de la alegría española! (Spanish Joy Day)

The theme for Joy Day this half term was Spanish. The children wore the colours yellow and red of the Spanish flag. Cristina, a Spanish teacher came to work with all the classes doing a Flamenco workshop. She wore the traditional … Continue reading

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London’s Burning!!!!

Today we went into the playground to try and understand what it was like to try and put out the fire in 1666. We got into two lines and made a chain to pass  the buckets of water just like they did … Continue reading

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A very Spanish Joy Day!

The Nursery had so much fun at Joy Day this week! Christina taught us how to dance the Flamenco, she showed us how her special shoes make the loud tapping sound, and we all had a go. We played with … Continue reading

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The grass is always greener!

Our grass heads have started to grow……in fact they could do with a hair cut!  

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One direction?…no Four Directions

We have been learning about Compass points, North, South, East and West. We went into the playground with partners and had to guide our partner through lots of cones….easy?….No our partner was blindfolded and could only follow directions given in … Continue reading

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Counter Balance

As part of Year 6’s gym work we are now looking at complex balances and tensions involving 2 people. As always the pupils impress with their cooperation, tenacity and skill.

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Superbly Surreal

As part of the school’s Spanish themed Joy Day, Year 6 pupils studied some surrealist and cubist paintings by Pablo Picasso before creating their own masterpieces.We think you’ll agree that these are truly fantastic!

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