Splish, Splash in Wales

We had  a wonderful time in Wales, the weather wasn’t fantastic but your children were. They made the most of the weather and the time, we had a paddle in the sea and a dig in the sand. We had an ice cream despite the weather. All the children went into the sea, it was wonderful to hear them giggling and playing. For some it was their first trip to the beach, so it will be great for them as we continue our seaside topic.


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Kareem “When we were at the beach I liked running into the waves”

Kianna ” When i was in the sea I tried to swim, it was too cold”

Georgina ” The waves were pusing me backwards it was so much fun”

Bartek ” The ice cream was yummy, I had a magnum”

Chisom ” I saw so many shells on the beach, too many to choose from”

Martyna  ” I liked eating the ice cream and they were cold and yummy”

Kristoff  “I liked digging in the sand I could make anything and it made me feel like a CAVEMAN!!”



10 thoughts on “Splish, Splash in Wales

  1. I had the best time ever!It was so much fun going in the water and I especially liked collecting shells with Jesse. xx

  2. I love the sea so much I want to have this trip again. And I even liked the picnic to. It was a fun trip. Thanks miss george

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