12 thoughts on “Year 6 superstars graduate

  1. What a year, this graduation was the best time of my life and this school will always remind me how brilliant and enthusiastic you guys are you made me feel like i want to still be there. !!!

  2. This day was amazing i am going to miss you guys so much and i am crying now but life is a journey and guys we move on to be the best we can be so thank you guys so much i love you guys and my fanatastic genuis friends who are my class.

  3. Thanks nikola i am going to miss you too and tayla and year 5 you guys are amazing friends i will never forget you

  4. Dont worry Leah, this school I will always remember and I have a memory box to keep my memories so thank you Our Ladys I will visit

  5. Goodbye school, god bless you all and the kids I will miss you guys it has been a journey so far and I will miss keano,mohammed,Chris,Shea,and a big miss for my best teacher in the entire world MR MOORE

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