Here is the presentation from Friday’s e-safety assembly. The main things to remember are…

1. You must be 13 years old to use most social media sites such as Facebook. For some site (e.g. Whatsapp) you need to be even older. If you are using these sites you are actually breaking the law and you could be reported for it. Wait until you are old enough to use these sites. It’s simply not worth the risk and you could be putting yourself in serious danger, especially if you are not using them in a safe and responsible way.

2. Whenever you are online (e.g. gaming, emailing, browsing the internet…) do not reveal personal information about yourself.

3. If something concerns you when you are online tell an adult you trust straight away.

4. Think carefully about how you can keep yourself safe online and make sure your tell your parents what you are doing and what sites you are going on. They need to know what you are doing online, so that they can help to keep you safe.

                             Digital Leaders e-safety presentation 2015 

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