Summer fete

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As you can tell from the photographs the Summer fete was once again a great success.  Thank you to the Friends of Our Lady’s who put so much hard work and energy into organising the day.

Y6 Business Challenge

Over the last few days Y6 have been working  the first ever Our Lady’s Business Challenge. In conjunction with Salford University Business School and the Friends of Our Lady’s, the pupils were challenged to come up with a business idea for a stall at the school fate. The winning team receives £25 capital to buy supplies with the goal of making a profit. All the pupils worked tirelessly on this project both in school and at home.

Our imaginative pupils came up with the following team names/brands: The Taste, Shake Away, Lolel’s Cake-Pops, Food Fighters, International Bites and Italian Ideas.

All the ideas and presentations were fantastic but the overall winners were THE FOOD FIGHTERS!!! The judges felt their idea was the most practical. DSC00321 DSC00322 DSC00335 DSC00343

Splish, Splash in Wales

We had  a wonderful time in Wales, the weather wasn’t fantastic but your children were. They made the most of the weather and the time, we had a paddle in the sea and a dig in the sand. We had an ice cream despite the weather. All the children went into the sea, it was wonderful to hear them giggling and playing. For some it was their first trip to the beach, so it will be great for them as we continue our seaside topic.


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Kareem “When we were at the beach I liked running into the waves”

Kianna ” When i was in the sea I tried to swim, it was too cold”

Georgina ” The waves were pusing me backwards it was so much fun”

Bartek ” The ice cream was yummy, I had a magnum”

Chisom ” I saw so many shells on the beach, too many to choose from”

Martyna  ” I liked eating the ice cream and they were cold and yummy”

Kristoff  “I liked digging in the sand I could make anything and it made me feel like a CAVEMAN!!”



Reception Class are pizza chefs!


Reception went to Croma in Chorlton to find out about the jobs people do in a restaurant and how they help customers have a nice time enjoying their meal. Also, reception wanted to make some pizzas.

Lee talked to us about the restaurant and the activities she had planned. it was all very interesting.


Mark showed us how the tables are set and how orders are taken. We saw behind the bar where hot and cold drinks are prepared.




We looked at the kitchen which was very hot and everyone was busy preparing the different types of meals. Mark showed us the ovens where our pizzas and dough creations were going to be cooked.


The chef showed us how he prepares the pizza bases for the different toppings to be put on.


There are lots of different toppings to choose from. The customer decides which toppings they want on their pizza.


Before we took part in any new activity where we touched food, we washed our hands.


We put on blindfolds to taste different foods. We used different words to describe the flavours and textures of the food.


With Flick we created animals with the dough balls. We made snakes, snails, cats and even a giraffe!




We enjoyed putting our favourite toppings onto our pizzas. We were very creative!



We labelled each pizza with our name and then it was taken to be cooked in the pizza oven.


Then it was time for our favourite part of the trip, tasting our pizzas and dough animals! They were delicious!






We learned lots of different things about restaurants and how hard you have to work! Thank you Lee, Mark, Flick and everyone at Croma, we had a great day!

Well done Reception, everyone at the restaurant commented on your excellent behaviour. You were great ambassadors for Our Lady’s RC School!


Y4 are off to High School

Year 4 had a very enjoyable morning visiting Loreto High School for some taster lessons.

First, in science, they were given the mysterious case of white flowers turning pink. To solve this the children had to learn how to find how acid or alkaline substances were. This meant testing for the Ph values which was very interesting, and meant they had to wear goggles!

The class had their own small playground to themselves for a short break, which included a drink and toast. We’ll come again!


The class then had an excellent history lesson, guessing the identities of different people by looking through their rubbish! Be careful what you throw out!


After being history detectives, children presented their findings to the class.


The Loreto teachers commented very favourably on Year 4’s behaviour and therefore an excellent morning was had by all.