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Congratulations to Lashay, Waleed, Chris, Ciara, Jasmine and Tamia for being selected as prefects in the first round of applications. If you didn’t get picked this time, don’t worry, round two of applications will be after Christmas.  

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food and presents collection

The whole school have been collecting food and gifts to help people in our parish to have a happy Christmas. Thank you to Year 2 parents You’re been amazing.

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The Words of Oscar Romero

Year 6 came up with some amazing insights and practical application of the words of Oscar Romero through a group discussion activity.  

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Maths Games

…putting our knowledge to the test through these fraction puzzles.  

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Prayers of thanks for Oscar Romero

Year 6 used are amazing prayer garden to gives thanks and praise to God for the inspirational Oscar Romero.        

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Yeahhhhhhh Attendance trophy

Yeah, Y2 have won the Attendance trophy with 98% attendance. All children who were in school and on time were given a raffle ticket and are now in the draw for the end of year prize. Lets hope we get … Continue reading

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Flying rockets in Space

Y2 have been flying rockets in Space…. in computing of course. They had to give rockets co-ordinates to fly to different planets

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The Annunciation

This week the children in Year 1 have been learning about the Good News  that  was given to Mary by the Angel  Gabriel . Mary was chosen to be the Mother of God’s Son.             … Continue reading

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Oscar Romero liturgy.

Year 6 recently took part in a class liturgy based on the work of Oscar Romero. We understand that we are called to speak out against injustice and look to Oscar Romero’s life for guidance .

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The Romero Cross

As part of our Justice topic Year 6 studied the Romero cross and began creating our own. We also picked a value of the Kingdom of God to incorporate into our design to remind us to, “aspire not to have … Continue reading

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