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Look at our symmetrycal portraits

Year 1 children have been working double numbers and they also learnt about halves and what symmetry means. Check their portraits, do they look symmetrycal? They all worked hard and did a wonderful job. Well done!!  

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Mirror Mirror

Y6 have enjoyed reflecting on the use of mirrors in everyday life (get it?). We enjoyed some mirror writing followed by a role-play depicting how cars use wing-mirrors for safety.  

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Jam Street Art

Y6 recently visited Jam Street Cafe to look at a rare portrait called The Dead Witch. Don’t worry there was nothing spooky about it … it’s actually a something very normal that we use every day. 

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Optical Assault Course

Y6 recently combined some Science and PE by taking part in an optical assault course. The pupils performed physical tasks based on parts of the eye and the route light takes from a source all the way through to the … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Jr

Last week Friday was Martin Luther King’s birthday. On Monday the whole school had an assembly to share their work about Martin Luther King Jr.   Well done Our Lady’s children!

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Mass at St Alphonsus church

Last Friday Year 1 children walked to St Alphonsus Church to be part of Father Pat’s Mass service.

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Science Investigation

Y6 investigated how light travels in straight lines and the angle at which it reflects off  a smooth mirrored surface.  

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Maths Challenges

Y6 continued to flex their mathematical muscles in 2016 by completing some challenging using and applying puzzles.

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Y6 and Reception go to church

Y6 and Reception clearly have a special bond with their special friends. We had a lovely time going to church; Y6 pupils were so considerate and looked after their special friends brilliantly. It was a joy to behold!

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Perfect PE

Any festive indulgences has not dented Y6’s gymnastic skills…check out our counter balances and counter tensions using some equipment .  

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