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Fun and sunny Bike Right day in Year 1!

Today when we came to school we all were very excited, would you like to know why?Well… we will tell you. Because today we had our BIKE RIGHT DAY!! It was soooooo fun. Firstly , we put a helmet on (we always have … Continue reading

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Bike ride year 2

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Year 4 Bike Ride

Year 4 had a great day practicing their bike riding on a range of interesting cycles!

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Best. Show. And. Tell. EVER!!!!!!!

Mr Moore was thrilled to introduce the school to his four month old daughter … Lily Moore. Lily was almost as well behaved as his Y6 class.

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Shadow Puppets

As part of our creative approach to science, Y6 made these fab shadow puppets to understand how light travels in straight lines and how opaque objects cast shadows.

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Volcanic creativity

Y6 are currently looking at volcanoes. Omari produced an amazing volcanic display for our class to enjoy and learn from. We have also created our own 3D Earths to help us to understand the layers beneath; these include the inner … Continue reading

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Super Scientists

Year 6 recently investigated the relationship between the distance of an opaque object to a light source and the effect is has on the size and sharpness of a shadow.

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More great gym

Year 6 are currently looking at gymnastic sequences involving cannon, mirroring and general partner work. Not a bad effort thus far I think you will agree.

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Great Joy Day in Year 1

We all had a fantastic day!!! We did soooo many different fun things. We played with our toys and shared them with our friends. We made delicious biscuits putting sweeties on top. We danced and played games in the hall and we had … Continue reading

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Shrove Tuesday

Year 1 children are getting ready for Easter. We will try to get to know God better and also can try to be kind and help each other. We enjoyed yummy pancakes!

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