One of my favourite book series is… Dork Diaries

The author for this book is Rachel Renee Russell who is an American author who is currently 70 years old.

Dork Diaries is one of my favourite, humorous series of books because it is very entertaining, interesting and is the genre fiction (which is one of my favourites)! I always read them very fast and they’re very easy to remember.

The main character is Nikki Maxwell who has two best friends; Chloe and Zoey. She has a crush on this boy called Brandon in her school. But her main arch-nemesis Mackenzie Hollister won’t let her beat him too fast.

I really like the features that appear in every Dork Diaries book because it is written as a diary. For example, the books have lines just like a diary and the font written in the book looks like someone has written it.

I recommend this series for girls aged nine years old and upwards. They are suitable for on the go or wherever you are. Sometimes, you might get lost in the book!

Happy World Book Day!

One thought on “One of my favourite book series is… Dork Diaries

  1. I love that book too and I think all of them have a range of what really happens in reality and how everyone probably goes through times like that. There’s drama and a lot of emotion and excitement, which is another reason why the author is so great. Many of my friends love reading these books as well so that means there is twice much admiration for this amazing series of books! 🙂

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