The queen from Brooklyn

My book is about a girl who lives in Jamaica with her nan. But her mum lives in America so she could get a job and she decides she wants to go and live with her mum and explore America. However, because she has been with her nan nearly all her life, she doesn’t think she can leave her but she does so. When she arrives, she realises America is not like Jamaica and also her mum had a secret and she tells her only when they get home. The secret was that her mum had been married for a year. At first she didn’t think it was a good idea that her mum got married. But after all that she get to know him a lot. The reason why she likes him is because he treats her as if she was his own kid and that is why it is my favourite book.

The author is: Dianne Brooke

I like it because it’s set in Jamaica and I like to see how the Jamaican’s write books.

Score: I would give it a 10/10

The stuff I would change: I would change the grammar. Because it’s from Jamaica they speak differently, so it’s a bit hard to understand in parts.

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