Our Letters to…..

We have been learning to write letters. We have sent one to each other and now we are sending them to famous people. We hope they reply. We have sent one to the Queen, Adele, Little Mix and various footballers. The children were asked to write to anyone they wanted to. Lets see if we can get any famous people to write to us!

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Victorians day in year 2



hat for naughty children and they have to wear when they give the wrong answer


check up for clean hands and shoes


I don’t know why Millie is smiling


after all the lessons we had a great time


we played marble game


we made a pom poms



not everyone some children was on red and they have to clean the shoes but they really enjoy


Hi everyone,


Our Frogspawn have hatched, and we have a tank absolutely filled with tadpoles! They are fantastic swimmers. Come and visit them if you are passing the Nursery this week, because they won’t be tadpoles for much longer. Do you know what they will become?


The Lowry

Our  topic this half term is about L.S.Lowry. We  went to the art gallery in Salford to learn to draw like Lowry and look at some of his famous pieces of work.

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Hello everyone,

If you come and visit the Nursery this week, you will see we now are investigating Frogspawn! We are using the magnifying glasses to see them closer, and we are talking about what we see.

But if you come next week, you might see something different. Do you know what you might see instead?

We will keep you updated!

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3D Shapes at Our Lady’s

Year 1  children have been looking for 3 dimensional shapes around Our Lady’s School. They did a fantastic search and found most of them.

Also we connected our maths lesson to our Art lesson and year 1 children created their own 3D shape, do you know the name of the shape they all made?

collage-2016-04-07 (2) collage-2016-04-07 (4) collage-2016-04-07 (1)collage-2016-04-07 (5) collage-2016-04-07