Joy Day in Year 1

Today we’ve had our last day of this half term and as usual we’ve had a super JOY DAY! We all had lots of fun dancing, making our own devices using recycling  materials, playing with Lego, watching a movie , playing in the Tyre Park, playing in the field, designing our Gingerbread man biscuit using sweets…. Check our pics out!

Have a lovely break everyone!

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Jam Street Reward

This morning 30 children from across the school were taken to Jam Street Cafe for breakfast. This was a reward for attending and being punctual. We had a raffle on Monday and 30 names were drawn out. These lucky winners enjoyed a breakfast of bacon, egg, sausage, beans and toast….yummy.

DSC02454 DSC02456 DSC02459 DSC02468 DSC02469

How to brush your teeth videos!

In Computing, pupils in Reception class have been learning about algorithms. An algorithm is a set of instructions for carrying out a task. After coming up with an algorithm for helping Mr Edmondson to make a cup of tea, they then made their own instructional videos to explain and show others how best to brush their teeth. Please have a watch and let them know what you think! Questions to think about…

Q1: Is the algorithm in the correct sequence (order)?

Q2: Are the instructions clear and detailed?

Q3: What different time connectives did the children use?

Crowning Mary

Today Our Lady’s had  a special celebration. The whole school brought beautiful flowers to Mary. Every class sang different songs in English, Spanish, Polish,  Latin… We have very talented children!

Year 1 children sang ” As I kneel before you” and Alexander read out loud in front of the whole school. By the end of the celebration Munashe (reception class) and Alexandra( year 6) crowned Mary with a colourful crown made out of flowers.

collage-2016-05-25collage-2016-05-25 (1)collage-2016-05-25 (2)collage-2016-05-25 (3)collage-2016-05-25 (4)

Walking Around Our Local Area

As part of our Topic on the Local Area Year Two took a walk around the roads that surround our School.

We have been learning about directions.

We came out of school and turned East. Then North on Sylvan Ave, West onto Upper Chorlton Road, South on to Wood Road and then East onto Whalley Road, back to where we started, At school.


DSC02240 DSC02242 DSC02243 DSC02244 DSC02245 DSC02247 DSC02248 DSC02251 DSC02253

Reception class are digital composers!

Pupils in Reception class have been working with Digital Leaders Keanu and Sahara to create their own musical compositions using the iPad app Garageband.

Which is your favourite a why?

Hassan and Darcy:

Amelie and Amelia:

Igor and Isabelle:

Karvelle and Hassan:

Untitled 1:

Lena and Szymon:

Untitled 2:

Maya and Olga:

Untitled 3:

Zofia and Amber: