All about tennis!

Tennis is a great way to keep fit. Most people love to play tennis, you can play anywhere, for instance you can play at the park, at a tennis court and also at home. It might be tiring but it is really fun! All you need is a tennis racket and a tennis kit also a tennis net. Most people have became famous playing in big games on live news.  Once you get the hang of tennis then you will play really well. To be honest I was quite rubbish at tennis myself but then I practiced lots so I got better at it. So if I can do it you can too. If you’re wondering where I played,  I played at school in the playground.



E-Safety rules


These are my e-safety rules that I think everybody should follow;

• Never reveal personal information!
• Be nice online
• Always read the Terms and Conditions!
• Don’t lie to other people!
• Don’t believe everything you see or read online!
• Be your own person online!

Hope you listen to these rules!

Be safe!

What do you think? Is there anything you would add to the list?

Naomi, Year 5

Joe Hart

Charles Joseph John “Joe” Hart (born 19 April 1987)  is a good goal keeper. He came from Shrewsbury and now plays for Manchester City FC, (the greatest football team in the world so says my dad!) and is England’s number 1. His height is 1.91m and his weight is He also does adverts for Head & Shoulders shampoo.

With over 100 Premier League clean sheets, Hart holds the record for the most Premier League Golden Glove awards (four) and has amassed over 60 international caps since his debut in June 2008, and has been recognised as England’s first-choice goalkeeper since 2010. He attended Oxon Primary School, followed by Meole Brace School in Shrewsbury, where he was Head Boy in his final year. Joe Hart has a wife and one son.

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