Latin Choirs delight Halle Choimaster

Matthew Hamilton the choirmaster to the Halle visited Our Lady’s to listen to two choirs singing Latin hymns. The older choir (some children from Y2 and Y4) sang Ave Maris Stella while children from Y1 sang the Angelus. After some loosening up exercises with Matthew the children performed their prayers to Our Lady. Matthew Hamilton was thrilled to hear such lovely singing and he was amazed to see that the children memorized  all the words. The children have been giving up their lunchtime play to learn the hymns. They sing them as a prayer to Our Lady. Many adults have told Mr Fernandes how happy it has made them to hear such young children sing Latin with such confidence and enjoyment.

Anna and Aya (two of our Digital Leader’s) recorded the children singing the two songs that they performed. Here they are…

Year 1 singing the The Angelus:

A group of Year 4 and Year 2 singing Ave Maris Stella:


DSC00498 DSC00500


Christmas Party!!!!!!!



Reception class joined with Nursery to have a great time playing party games in the hall. We played musical statues and dice games as well as lots of dancing.



12 13

In the afternoon we had our party food. The children and staff brought in lots to share. Also as well as thinking about ourselves families in Reception class have brought in food for those less fortunate.


Whilst we were having our party food we had a special visitor St. Nicholas!!!! He came to give us presents and told us that if we continue to be good perhaps he will come again to our houses with some more presents. Thank you St. Nicholas!!!!

15 16




Christmas time!

On Christmas everyone celebrates, who would not celebrate Christmas, not me. All the Christmas markets and Christmas food  you could get, aahh its amazing. Here is my poem that i made.

Walking through the snowy bare,

little cheeky sneaky hare,

hoping around,

on the snowy ground.

Image result for christmas

Its the best!!!