My brother disappeared! Part 1

”No! Max” ”Help me”  That was 10 years ago. Now it is 4185 and I’m in a SPACESHIP! I said to my parents that I was in a pretend spaceship.Image result for pretend spaceship

Image result for pretend spaceship

But I am actually in a real one SO…

…. my parents might be reading this, so if you are I am very truly sorry! 

Hopefully this will cheer you up…

Image result for cute bear hug

I will try to get home as fast as I can but I am on a mission TO FIND MY FAMILY…

(to be continued…)

3 thoughts on “My brother disappeared! Part 1

  1. I’m really looking forward to chapter 2 Mason, I’m interested to learn what adventures you have while searching for your family. ☺

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