Spring in year 1

Art in Year 1

Look at our winter collages. We thought about the colours of Winter and we used strips of paper to represent them. We completed our work with a white silhouette of a tree.







We practised cutting, curling and sticking to make these pictures.


We selected different types of material and used our creativity and

Imagination to make these models! Some of them are really spectacular.


Listening carefully, following instructions and performing simple routines involving traveling on feet, close to the floor and on the floor.

In dance we moved to music.


Listening, pulsing, clapping, singing and playing instruments to the musical beat.


We were investigating and sorting 2D shapes.


By finding and reading books and looking at pictures of Rosa Parks Year 1 were able to research and then perform a role play of the ‘Famous Bus Ride.’

1st finding books

    2nd looking at pics

3rd role play


We concentrated and worked carefully to cut a selection of fruit using a knife

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