Mr Stink

We have been reading Mr Stink in our Library sessions. We wrote letters to him and have made a 3D scene to illustrate the story.

We used paper folding and joining techniques.

Hygiene session in year 4

This week in Year 4 we were reminded of how important it is to keep ourselves healthy with the help of our school nurse Sarah and her team. During their visit they explained the importance of personal hygiene and all the necessary things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and clean each day.
 A fun and highly informative session!

Music time in year 1


We listened to and appreciated a song and a piece of music by Gramaphonedzie.

The pupils enjoyed the different tempo in the music, the different pitches and the variety of instruments they could hear.

They all tried hard to recreate the music they heard.

         We had a great time playing together.

                           Look at our lovely photographs!