Feast of The Ascension


Ascension Thursday, also known as the Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics around the world. On this day, the faithful celebrate Christ’s ascension into Heaven on the 40th day after Resurrection.


The Titanic by year 3

We have really been enjoying learning about The Titanic and how the passengers lived onboard the luxury liner. We were given different sources that give us clues to life on board such as pictures of different areas, lunch and dinner menus and letters written by passengers. We were particularly looking at the differences in the 3 classes. We learned how each class lived in different cabins, had different types of meals and leisure facilities.

Planting sunflowers

In Year 1 we have been planting sunflower seeds for our Science holiday homework.

We know we need to water our seeds and put them in a warm place to help them to grow.

After the holiday we will measure our plants and make a graph to show how our seeds have grown.

Science in year 3

In Science we have been investigating magnets and magnetic materials. We found different objects in our classroom and tested whether they were magnetic or not. We found that magnetic objects were mostly metal.


We have been looking at forces in Science. We found that things on Earth do not move without a force being applied. In pairs, we created freeze frames of different actions which use a push or pull force. We performed these to our friends and they had to guess which force we were using.

The Lowry at Salford Quays

During our Art and History lessons we have been learning about a famous artist called Laurence Stephen Lowry. He was born in Stretford and went to live in Salford with his parents.

We went to The Lowry at Salford Quays; Artist Pauline showed us, and spoke to us about some of Lowry’s famous portraits. We tried to copy Lowry’s artwork.

In the art studio we learnt to draw pictures showing different emotions.

Year 1 had a wonderful time. Noah said ‘This was my best school day ever!‘

Science investigation for Ted’s umbrella

We completed our Science topic on Materials this week by carrying out a group investigation.

We wanted to find out what type of material would be best to make an umbrella for Ted. We tested the materials and found out that most of the materials absorbed water. Only the plastic repelled the water.

In conclusion the best material for Ted’s umbrella is plastic.

Hodgeheg by year 3

We have been reading the Hodgeheg by Dick-King Smith. We looked at the features of speech and the use of adverbs. Then we got into groups and used what we had read to act out an extract from the book. We made sure to use expression with loud, clear voices to keep our audience entertained.

Mini greenhouse in year 2

Year 2 have created mini greenhouses! We put a wet paper towel into a zip lock bag and carefully placed bean seeds on top, before sealing the bag tightly shut. We lay them flat on the window sill.

By the end of the day we could see the moisture inside the bag. There were little drops of water on the top on the bag.

Within just 3 days, the bean shell had cracked open and by the 8th day we could see white roots and a green shoot appearing.

Rafah’s Bean plant has grown really quickly and already has a long stem and a green leaf ready to appear. How exciting!

We are looking forward to seeing how our bean shoots grow by the end of the week.