Year 3 Litter Patrol

 Year 3 believe we should enjoy the right to a safe and clean environment ______. We decided to take on the responsibility of litter picking around our school in order to set to set a good example to our community.

Shanae said…“I felt like I was helping to clean my local area. It was amazing and we couldn’t believe how much rubbish we found!”

Levi said…“I had so much fun litter picking today because we found lots of litter” We worked as a team to clean our world!”

Baby Eleanor

This week Reception class was visited by Mrs Mehari and her newborn Eleanor. The children asked questions to find out more about Baby Eleanor, and her mummy told us what she needs to do to look after her.

Can you remember what we found out? We will be writing about the visit this week. Thank you to Eleanor, Mummy and big brother Ebenezer for talking to us about your family.

Big sister Cheah also has been speaking proudly about her baby sister. A huge ‘congratulations!’ to these families from Reception class.

Fr Pat visit_ The Holy Family

This week in Year 4, following all the research we have done about our own family heritage, we had a lovely visit from Fr. Pat who helped us to learn more about Jesus’ human family and how Jewish life was for Mary and Joseph in Nazareth during Jesus’ childhood. Fr Pat talked about team work and the roles Joseph and Mary had ensuring the household ran smoothly, always keeping God  a central part of their life. As we learn how families are all different shapes and sizes today, we are reminded of the love that is shared. Children enthusiastically reenacted a day in the life of Mary, Joseph and Jesus in their drama session. 

Chester Zoo

In class we read sorted a primary resource timeline all about the life of George Mottershead. He is the man who created Chester Zoo.

We worked together in our groups and discussed which order our pictures should go in.

We are happy with how we worked together and justified our timeline based on our primary sources.