Jodrell Bank

Year 5 had a brilliant day at Jodrell Bank on Tuesday.

As well as looking at the giant Lovell Telescope and exhibits, they had some great immersive lessons.

The first session was in the inflatable planetarium where they could explore the night sky and constellations.

The second session was our ‘Mars Rover’ challenge, where each group had to design and build a system to safely land a space probe (or ‘an egg’ in laymen’s terms!)

A really great day, and even the weather was good!


Year 5 put on their amazing production of Macbeth at the Zion Centre to great acclaim.

All their hard work paid off as they executed a faultless performance which showed great confidence, skill and enjoyment.

All the children were buzzing with excitement, and parent’s reviews were also glowing –

‘Wow! What a performance! It was flawless from start to Finish’

‘Watching our children taking part in such a big play and fully succeeding was an enormous pleasure’

‘The cast of 2019 Macbeth were the consummate professional’

‘The play has been wonderful!! A brilliant performance of all students’

Well Done Year 5


Fresh from their success at the Shakespeare Schools Festival, Year 5 treated us to some of their highlights from the performance. This afternoon they will celebrate with their ‘wrap’ party 🎉

Meerkat Mail

In our English lessons Miss Chu has been reading us ‘Meerkat Mail’. It is a story about a Meerkat called Sunny who visits his extended family in different habitats. Sunny writes postcards to his family back in the Kalahari Desert explaining his experiences.

So have learned how to write a postcard and how to use the postal system correctly.

We had an exciting trip to our local post box. We looked at how and when the post person collects the post from the post-box.

We are looking forward to receiving our postcards at our home addresses soon.

Chester ZOO

We have been learning about George Mottershead and Chester Zoo.

We wrote down all the things we could remember about him and his life, then we ordered them into his timeline.

We used this to do our writing about George.

We have learned so much!!!