Busy time in year 4

WOW ! How the weeks are flying so soon after Christmas!Children in Year 4 have been working so hard…
Lena not only shared her epiphany book in Spanish but also enjoyed being our class assessor in English. Lena as worked so hard on her homophones,’ there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ and has been feeling really confident using them and sharing her knowledge with the class.In maths, we have been learning all about the different triangles and how we can identify them individually and Lena reminded us all at the end of the session again too! Great work Lena – lovely confidence!

In science, we have explored human teeth, their physical features and functions and even why our wisdom teeth are somewhat redundant today! Children developed their team building skills creating super information sheets. Two girls also celebrating their creative talents drawing wonderfully labelled diagrams for the class too – taking a closer look at the inside of the teeth.

We have enjoyed learning to sew too with the help of our lovely mum Mrs Mullen, who has been sharing her knowledge and skills with the class too and the children have picked it up so quickly!

One of our student led the way for Chinese New year celebrating his artistic skills drawing a dragons head! 


Keep up the hardwork Y4. A SUPER start to 2020 indeed !!!!

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