Mozilla Thimble! Agata’s Burger! – Remix

The link to my burger is here.  Hope you like it! ♥ 

It costs $7.99 only! Go check it out now before time runs out! Very cheap! 

• I deleted some stuff as some things I didn’t like too much. 

• Coding in html can be really fun to do, I do enjoy it but sometimes things can go a bit wrong, but just don’t give up!

You have to be very patient with it and never give up with what you’re doing.

It was a bit hard doing this for the first time, but eventually it worked out. I did some mistakes but it worked out in the end. 

^ It was hard looking at first, but it isn’t as hard when you get into doing the actual thing. ^



My maths quiz remiz

This is my Times Tables Maths Quiz, feel free to play it and I hope you will enjoy playing it.

This game is about times tables and it asks you some times tables, some might be harder and some might be easier, I tried to make it easy at first and then not much harder later on, but its still fun to play. I’m sorry that there isn’t a score button in the game, it just wouldnt work at all, and sorry if you find it short, I did try. Here are some questions you might want to ask.

• How hard is the game? – Its not hard at all, all you do is answer the questions it asks you.

• Should I worry if I get something wrong? – No, you shouldn’t at all.

• Why does the game have no score button? – Because it wouldn’t work.

This game was a remix of somebody else’s project.