Why I love kittens

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You can dress them up in so many cute cloths TO CUTE FOR ME.       

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kittens are to cute when they are together LOOK AT THEM THEY LOOK LIKE BEST KITTENS FOREVER. This kitten sleeps with a cute little toy mouse and a mini pillow HOW CUTE.

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Look at this, it’s like it can bond with the teddy! Those are the reasons why I like kittens. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

My finished comic

This is my finished comic. Click here to view it.

I remixed a comic and changed it to my own. My comic is about little lizard, who is on a vacation and he turns into a baby and finds out that little Carly and Kelly shrink. It’s all evil little Kelly and Carly’s fault. Their little friend (the boss baby) comes and demands they turn back to normal. And they have the best vacation ever.

Why people love Messi!

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People love Lionel Messi because he is an amazing football player in the champions league. This is a post from Tyler in year 5…

I think people love Messi because he is a great footballer and he is good at scoring goals. To be honest I do not really like football but its worth a try writing something about football. Im hoping Messi doesn’t injure himself, because if you don’t pay attention in football then you could get injured.