Optical illusions

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Optical illusions trick your mind into thinking things that aren’t happening. This picture is actually still believe it or not!

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Can you see the two faces?

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Are these women’s legs or men’s legs?

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Are these steps?

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This is not a tunnel! It is 2D!

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The Winter Wolf by Holly Web

The Winter Wolf is a magical book about a young girl who goes to a cabin in winter. She finds an attic room with an old diary in it. Then she is transported to a magical land. I like this book because it is magical and exiting. The best bits are when she sees a wolf pup and when she starts to like dogs. I also like this book because I really love dogs. I would recommend this book for 8-13 year olds.

A Bakers Dozen

Long ago in London there where three men. They always argued over who’s father started the fire of London. They where concerned because whoever’s father made the fire would be a wicked man. Two of the men thought that money would do the the trick. The third more thought knowledge. So while two of them where being greedy and wanting more, the third man was thinking. He thought, “if I own up I won’t feel guilty.” Anyway, I don’t wan’t to be friends with them greedy men. Next day, the man told the men that his father had started the fire.