Nocturnal Animals

These wiki pages are all about Nocturnal Animals there are Owls, Wolves, Red Foxes and Hedgehogs.
All these pages have some facts that will be new and interesting to you, plus awesome videos and websites and much more cute, adorable and breathtaking stuff! 🙂
It took us many, hard working weeks to make these stunning wikis all about these great animals. We have helped each other every step of the way and we would like you to see our wikis. So here they are                                                                OUR WIKIS

Y4 went to Ancient Egypt

On Wednesday year 4 went to Ancient Egypt and Mexico! Well actually it was virtual reality goggles but it felt just like we there it was absolutely amazing! We looked at the pyramids from the Ancient Egyptians in Egypt and the Aztec pyramids in Mexico.

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England in the Euros

I am going to be blogging about England in the Euros.

I will be doing a player profile on Eric Dier.

   Eric Dier

Name: Eric Dier                                                                                              

 Position: Midfielder                                                                                  

Age: 22                                                                                                              

 Goals: 2                                                                                                          

 Country: England                                                                                      

Club: Tottenham                                                                                          

Last appearance: 20/06/16 Slovakia V England 0-0                                                       

And Chris Smalling

Chris Smalling

Chris Smalling

Position: Defender                                                                                       



   Last appearance: 20/06/16 Slovakia V England 0-0                          

Country: England                                                                                          

 Club: Man.Utd                                                                                                                                

England V Wales

As most England or Wales Fans know there was  a big  match for them on Thursday 16th June (because it was an England v Wales match). When Wales scored the first goal all the England fans were disappointed especially the people who like Joe Hart better than anybody else on the English team. I knew England would win the match. When England scored there second goal it felt like the most exciting goal of the match because whoever scores the next goal wins the match! And guess what, ENGLAND SCORED  AND WON THE MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I think that the statue is in China and that the statue is about two priests arguing about which is the best religion because they both think each different religion is better and they wanted to find out. So eventually they went to find a wise man to ask him. When they found a wise man they said, “Oh wise and mystical man what is the true religion?” The wise man had a think and replied ,”Jewish.” The two men stood and their excited smiles changed to unhappy frowns as they didn’t agree with that…