Zlatan Ibrahimovic’

Ibrahimovic:Ibrahimovic plays for Manchester united his shirt number is 9 he was signed by Jose Mourinio sometimes he gets a bit agressive he is known as the overhead kick master, some people love him some hate on him but that’s just their opinion but in mine he is the best player in the premier league I mean like, how many goals has he had in about 7 weeks like think how many goals could you pull off in 7 weeks I could probably score 5 or 6 alright any that’s enough so thanks 4 reading about ibrahimovic’.

Lex’s 100 word challenge

I think they are talking about how their life is, how they all are and about there jobs which are probably blacksmith, farmer and shop owner. Their names are Charles, Bob and Billy. Billy was talking about their new city which they are going to call New York. They are currently in Rome. “Hey Bob, Charles have you seen the new yachts?” said  Billy one day. “Yeah they’re so expensive and I’ve only got about 50 pounds and there about 10 million!” “Well that’s the maximum because that’s 10 metres – each million is worth a metre,” said Charles.

Goosebumps The Night of The Living Dummy by R.I. Stine

I like this book because it has lots of twists and turns and is very adventurous. My favourite part of the book is when the dummy starts freaking out and starts raging and rampages through the city. The main character is Snappy the dummy. He is very very creepy because if you look at him from behind then he’ll just turn his head right round and stare at you for about 1 minute and then he will vanish into thin air and sneak behind you. He can also teleport to his car which is haunted too. In the book, he tries to take control of the the city but some teens stop him every single time he tries. So he just gets even more angrier and keeps trying to take over the city.

Snappy’s personality is very creepy and frightening. He is very stubble and short and looks exactly like Woody from Toy Story. He sometimes brings aliens to earth and anyone who calls him a “dummy” gets frozen by an alien type freeze gun! If this happens they aren’t then able to be unfrozen until they’re sucked back into this amazing book.