Sphero Review

Image result for spheroThe Spheros are a fun, sphere shaped robot toy, controlled by an app on a device. The Sphero app is available on iPhone, iPad or Android devices. They can also change colours. The price (s) start from £38 – £98, depending on your price range.

There are many different types of Spheros – The Sphero Mini, The Ollie and the original, normal sized Spheros. They are reasonably easy to connect to your device and come with a charging station, meaning you can take it with you if you are going out. They also help you with coding.

You can use JavaScript to program your bot, and can buy additional things, such as football nets to play against your friends. Spheros are great for education and fun.

Review By Loiza (Digital Leader, Year 6)

Wave me goodbye, by Jacqueline Wilson.

Wave me goodbye is by Jacquline Wilson, and is her newest books.

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The book is about a young girl called Shirley, and she has to evacuate from her town because of WW2. Her dad was a solider but he wasn’t very strong. Her mother was the only person she lived with, and she was fairly kind.

Her mum lied to her and said that she was going on holiday, on a train and she had never been on one before, only when she went on a coach, to Clacton.

Optical illusions

Optical Illusions are really cool, they trick your mind into seeing things that aren’t actually there. Here is an example…

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See? It looks like it is moving but really it is drawn in a special way to make it look like its moving. Like them? Here are some more…

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Don’t know what to do? Shake your head really quickly at the same time look at the picture… You should see a Panda!

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Is it a Duck? Or a Rabbit?

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This one makes me dizzy

Image result for optical illusions

How many legs does this elephant have? Really, how many?!

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One word for you…Blink

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