Questions for God from Year 2

Year 2 have been thinking about questions they would like to ask God.

Here are some they suggested in our reflection time.

How old are you?

Why does the Earth spin?

How big is Heaven?

Why dont you fall out of the sky?

How many people are there in Heaven?

Why do we die but never die?

Do you like being God?

What do you look like?

Who is your wife?

Is Heaven gold?

What do angels look like?

What is your favourite creation?

I think you will agree they have asked some interseting and thought provoking questions, well done Year 2.

DSC09717 DSC09718





Tennis for the Twos

We have been taking advantage of the Indian summer and playing tennis.

So far the children have mastered holding the racket and being in control of the ball. We had mini games and then tried our forehand. Many of the children were able to hit the ball….and avoid me so thats a bonus!! Hopefully we will be able to continue to build on our skills this week.

DSC00983 DSC00984 DSC00985 DSC00986

DSC00987 DSC00990

Painting our Allotment

Year 2 have started to paint their vegetable patch, we have been busy preparing the beds for some new seeds and bulbs. To make our bed stand out even more we have been painting them. We designed them in class and are busy transfering the class ideas to the beds. Hopefully you will be able to notice them from the playground as we have been using bright colours.


DSC00785 DSC00786 DSC00788 DSC00789 DSC00790 DSC00807 DSC00809 DSC00811 DSC00813