Jam Street Reward

This morning 30 children from across the school were taken to Jam Street Cafe for breakfast. This was a reward for attending and being punctual. We had a raffle on Monday and 30 names were drawn out. These lucky winners enjoyed a breakfast of bacon, egg, sausage, beans and toast….yummy.

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Walking Around Our Local Area

As part of our Topic on the Local Area Year Two took a walk around the roads that surround our School.

We have been learning about directions.

We came out of school and turned East. Then North on Sylvan Ave, West onto Upper Chorlton Road, South on to Wood Road and then East onto Whalley Road, back to where we started, At school.


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Victoria…n Sponge!! Yummy

Thank you to Ruby and her family for making a Victoria Sponge cake. Inspired by our trip into Victorian Times with our Victorian School Day, Ruby brought us a piece of her sponge cake….it was yummy she is certainly not a Dunce!!

Ruby said she puts lots of Jam on. We really enjoyed it as you can see.

The Victoria Sponge is named after Queen Victoria who held the English throne for 63 years. She liked to take sponge cakes  out with her. Her Lady in Waiting, The Duchess of Bedfordshire, made small sponge cakes with a jam filling which became known as a Victoria Sponge.

Who knows maybe someone will make a sponge for Queen Elizabeth


Our Letters to…..

We have been learning to write letters. We have sent one to each other and now we are sending them to famous people. We hope they reply. We have sent one to the Queen, Adele, Little Mix and various footballers. The children were asked to write to anyone they wanted to. Lets see if we can get any famous people to write to us!

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