iMovie review by Millie and Miyah.

iMovie Review (Digital Leader Reviewer Badge)

What is iMovie?

iMovie is an app where you can make trailers and short films. You can use it on any apple device. For example: an iPhone, an iPad, etc.

How to use iMovie.

First, you download the app on the app store. It will have a logo like a star with a purple background (like the picture above) .

 Now, you click on projects and then you press add project. You will have the choice of a movie or a trailer.

Then, you can add images and you can write the story of your trailer. You can add images by screenshotting images from the internet or using your camera.

 Next, design the outline of the trailer and the story board. You do this by filling in the form. You have a choice to add pictures and writing too.

To make a movie, all you need to do first is click on create a movie, then add images and text.

Why we’re reviewing it.

We are reviewing this app because we want to teach other people how to make exciting trailers and movies. It will be fun and it can help with learning for the whole family.

Our opinion of iMovie.

Millie and Miyah think iMovie is a great app because you can have lots of fun in only 5 minutes. It is very enjoyable to play, create and learn. It is also good for playing with your family and friends and you can even do it in school!

We give iMovie 5 stars.

By Millie and Miyah.

Look At My “Burger” I Made On Mozilla Thimble!

If  YOU want to see a “Burger” Burger, then click HERE to see it!


About the “Burger” Burger.

*Note: I made this burger my remixing the html code in order to change what it originally looked like*

The “Burger” Burger is like an Alien Burger but it’s just like a human burger too. It just has different colour ingredients.

I will say this once. This burger is NOT suitable for vegetarians!

This burger has a lot of meat in it so beware. Having one everyday will probably make you fat.

Thanks for looking at this post!

Chethams Music School (Year 5’s End Of Term Trip 2017)

Hello There! Today I Am Going To Show You The Photos Of Our Chethams Music School Trip! Enjoy…                   

      <———– This Is my friend with A lady that played the Double Bass. The lady’s name was Izzy.


  <——- This Is The Whole Band That Played.

Thank You For Looking At My Blog Post. 

Click HERE For The Chethams Website!

Under Water Animals

Click HERE To find out about animals! \(•ϖ•)/

This page is about Under Water Animals. You can find about them in our wiki pages.

The Pages are about Different Animals that are under water                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     \(•ϖ•)/