Busy time in Year 2

Year Two have had a busy start to the year.

Look at some of the things we have done.

We have been using the hop scotch outside to help our maths skills. We have been learning about number bonds and the number system. We are all enjoying our new Times Tables Rock stars too!!

In Art and design we have used a variety of materials and techniques to create different pieces of work. Some were arbour nature and autumn and we have also been looking at the work of other Artists.

Thank you all for your contributions to our topic around British Values, we have learned a lot about where we all come from.

We have also been role playing at being in some of the Hospitals that were around in the Crimean War….some solidiers were lucky and went to Florence Nightingales….so not so much and went to the dirty one….

Marian Procession 2017

On Saturday 7th October Catholics in Manchester came together to celebrate Mary and witness their faith. The Right Reverend John Arnold Bishop of Salford walked with us. Our Lady’s R.C Primary were represented by children and parents who went together as a family. Many children gave up their usual Saturday activities eg. music or swimming lessons to walk with their child or children as a family.

Even though we were at the back and not able to see the statue or hear the band, spirit were not damped by the rain or the muddy grass at the park. We joined in with the prayers and hymns as we processed along the route. At the park Bishop Arnold addressed the children and adults congratulating them on their love and devotion to Mary. He gave everyone a special blessing.

Remember the procession is always on the first Saturday in October. See you next year.

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