Reception in space

Reception Class are learning about space. We know a lot about the planets in the solar system. We have a space station in our classroom and a base camp too! We love space activities just like real astronauts. It’s out of this world!

Zoolab in the Reception

Matthew from Zoolab talked to us about the different creatures he had brought with him. He began with a Giant African Snail. It has around 10,000 teeth! Some children who wanted to, were able to hold the snail in the palm of their hands.

The millipede crawled over hands with an almost tickly feeling. It does not have a thousand legs, but near to 200 when fully grown.

We saw a tarantula in its tank. This is a very delicate mini beast with its bones on the outside. The famous sting is no more than a quarter of the strength of a bee sting.

We handled a snake. We were surprised at how dry and warm it felt.

Matthew gave us lots of information and answered all our questions. It was great to see the children confidently handle the mini beasts and show such great interest in them.

Viking Trip in year 4

On Thursday 15th March Year 4 visited Tatton Park to experience life as a Viking.

We were greeted by an Anglo-Saxon lady named Eta who led us into camp called Tatters Tun. We were shown items that Vikings used in every-day life, such as cow horn cups, reindeer antler buttons and sheep skin clothes. We even had a go at weaving some jewellery by creating woollen bracelets.

The most enjoyable part of the day was learning how to be a Viking warrior. We used shields, held axes and worked as a team to form a strong, intimidating wall. Our trainer was called Ragnar, he was very grumpy and loud!

At the end of the day, Maretta taught us how to make bread. We had to grind the wheat into flour and decide where to get the other ingredients from, such as clean water, salt and lard. We realised Viking life must have been very difficult.

Year 4 had a great day out and looked fantastic in their costumes.

Spring in year 1

Art in Year 1

Look at our winter collages. We thought about the colours of Winter and we used strips of paper to represent them. We completed our work with a white silhouette of a tree.







We practised cutting, curling and sticking to make these pictures.


We selected different types of material and used our creativity and

Imagination to make these models! Some of them are really spectacular.


Listening carefully, following instructions and performing simple routines involving traveling on feet, close to the floor and on the floor.

In dance we moved to music.


Listening, pulsing, clapping, singing and playing instruments to the musical beat.


We were investigating and sorting 2D shapes.


By finding and reading books and looking at pictures of Rosa Parks Year 1 were able to research and then perform a role play of the ‘Famous Bus Ride.’

1st finding books

    2nd looking at pics

3rd role play


We concentrated and worked carefully to cut a selection of fruit using a knife

Nursery blog March 2018

What a busy half term we’ve had in the Nursery! Our topic has been Food, and our RE topic has been Growing. Have a look at just some of the activities we have been doing.


We prepared and ate some pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, noodles and prawn crackers for Chinese New Year,  and porridge for the 3 bears.

We have been talking about how our love grows for God and our families, just like a seed grows into a plant. From this we have made our very own family trees. Come and have a look at them in the Nursery.

We have also grown from seed some Alfafa plants and we’re watching how they have been changing each day.

We made daffodils to celebrate the beginning spring time, and we gave them to our mummies on Mother’s Day.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our family photo display, it looks fantastic.

We hope you have a lovely Easter with your families, see you for more fun in the summer term!