Mozilla Thimble’s best burger – By Nicole♥

Check out Mozilla Thimbles best burger here. Here’s the link to the website —>♥ click me ♥<—  It’s the cheapest burger ever its only $8.30  <– another link to my project

Link to Mozilla: ♥MozillaThimble♥

  • I changed most of the things from the original project. I deleted the cheese and  put it somewhere else and also added patty’s somewhere else too.
  • My top tip for coding in html are that you should never give up and try because it can be really hard.

It was really hard but I didn’t give up and i did it ♥

My Maths Quiz Remix

You Can Play My Maths Quiz

My  Maths Quiz Is About Having Fun And Learning Times Tables You Can Play It Anytime You Want It  is  Long But Fun  It Starts From Easy To Medium To Hard.

  • Does It Have A Score!!!? Yes It Does.
  • Is It A Remix!!!?  Yes It Is.
  • Is It Hard!!!? No It Is Easy To Play.
  • What Happens  If You Get The Answer Wrong!!!? Your Score Goes Down One.

How Do You Play The Game!!!?

You Play The Game When Theres A  White And Blue Chat Block And You Click It And Write The Answer  Or Yes Or  No  Which  Is If Your Ready  Or Not

Go Play It Now!!!