Autumn leaf printing

Hello everybody!

If you come into the Nursery you will see some beautiful prints made by the Nursery children. Would you like to know how we made them?

Firstly we looked around the Nursery garden to find some fallen leaves. We found all kinds of different shapes and sizes. The next day when the leaves were dry, we painted them in different autumn colours and used them to make a pattern. Come and have a look!

DSC00725 DSC00723 DSCF8048 DSCF8044 DSCF8042DSC00729


Our Nursery Altar

The Nursery children are learning about our Altar and what all of the items are. Look at these photos which will show you what we use to during prayer time…



Mary, Jesus' mummy

Mary, Jesus’ mummy

The Cross

The Cross

Rosary beads

Rosary beads

The Bible

The Bible

The Crucifix

The Crucifix

Prayer box

Prayer box




Welcome to the Nursery!

Hello everyone!


And a very big welcome to our new children and their families. We have been so busy during the last few weeks. We are getting to know each other and learning new songs and games. We are learning each other’s names and becoming good friends.

Come into the Nursery and you can see our painted names, hand prints, colourful shapes that we have made, and you will also see all we have to learn in each of our learning areas.

We are learning about ourselves in our topic, and learning about God’s Wonderful World throughout everything we do. The season is changing outside and we are learning lots about the changes that happen during Autumn.

DSC00574 DSC00577 DSC00570DSC00585 DSC00582 DSCF7954 DSCF7952 DSCF7953


What a wonderful day!

What a fantastic day we’ve had today! After a lovely end of year mass we all ate our dinner on the big field and had a teddy bear’s picnic. Then this afternoon we had an amazing treat of an ice cream or ice lolly from the ice cream van! Thank you for this lovely treat Mrs Ward and Mrs Gordon, a you can see we had a great time!!

DSC00515 DSC00516 DSC00524 DSC00525 DSC00526

Can you see what animal it is?

In the Nursery this week we have been sponge painting around an animal shape, and making silhouettes. We have really loved making them, look at the fantastic colours around each animal.

Can you guess what animals they are, looking at the shapes?

DSC00433 DSC00435 DSC00436 DSC00437 DSC00438 DSC00439 DSC00446 DSC00447 DSC00449DSC00445

Come to the Vet’s!



Do you remember the Doctor’s Surgery from the Nursery? Well now it has changed into a Vet’s surgery! Our topic in the Nursery is now ‘Animals’ so we are looking how a Vet and a Veterinary Nurse can look after your sick pets.

Come and see!


A very Spanish Joy Day!

The Nursery had so much fun at Joy Day this week! Christina taught us how to dance the Flamenco, she showed us how her special shoes make the loud tapping sound, and we all had a go. We played with her castanets and fans too.

Afterwards we celebrated more by hitting the Pinata! Everyone had a great time and each got some lovely sweets.

It was also Munashe’s birthday, what a great day to celebrate your birthday Munashe!

DSC00248 DSC00251 DSC00259 DSC00265 DSC00270 DSC00298

Making track patterns

Hi everyone,

We have been looking at different vehicles in the Nursery, especially those belonging to those people who help us. We’ve looked at:

  • Fire engines
  • Police cars
  • Taxis
  • Dumper trucks
  • Cement mixers
  • Tow trucks
  • Ambulances

… can you think of any more?

Just look at the patterns we’ve made with some of these vehicle’s tyres…

Using different paints and tyres to make a pattern

Using different paints and tyres to make a pattern

DSC00215 DSC00216 DSC00219 DSC00222



Hi everybody!

We have some good news in the Nursery, the Frog spawn that grew into Tadpoles are now growing into Froglets! If you look closely you can see some back legs, and they are becoming more green in colour and are looking more speckled!

DSC00203 DSC00204 DSC00208 DSC00209 DSC00211

Come to the Nursery and see them!!