In order to use this blog safely and responsibly you must:

  1. Write your first name only
  2. Only write positive or constructive comments – don’t be mean or offensive
  3. Not swear or use rude words
  4. Not write your address or any other person’s address or other personal information
  5. Write in full sentences, using correct standard English (no “text speak”) and check your replies before sending them

To find out more about staying safe online, visit the e-safety links on this blog.

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6 Responses to BLOG RULES

  1. nakatto says:

    The blog is really amazing, because the digtal leaders can put up the whole school work inti the blog and loads of people can see it all over the world. Just to say thank you Mr Edmonson, and digtal leaders for this. THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. skyekamara says:

    This is amazing thankyou

  3. Taion And Taiarna says:

    Good rules
    I hope everyone follows those 5 rules

  4. skyekamara says:

    This is good for us evryone should follow these rules

  5. Obvious Orla & Shimmering Shafi (future bloggers) says:

    What clear and concise rules. Hopefully, everyone will follow them to make you blog an interesting online read.

  6. jakub says:

    sorry about that was my friend namo sala. he is very immature and finds these jokes funny. we are not friends anymore and i sincerely apologise. please forgive me. thank you

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