100 word challenge My 4 year old hero Lanae

My hero is my sister Lanae-Blu. She is the best sister ever and is a hero because…

A girl from Krypton called Lanae landed on earth. She never knew she was a superhero until one day she got her powers. Lanae was in Asda with her mum, Sam and they were doing what they normally do (getting groceries) when Lanae saw a woman in trouble. Lanae ran to the woman who was in danger (she was being robbed). Lanae kicked the man and grabbed the woman’s purse. She put hand cuffs on the man and sent him to jail.



My hero is my mum because when I am in trouble and I need help I will shout MUM! My mum is the best person ever. It is not just me who she looks out for. My mum always helps other people too. She sometimes gets tired so I do not bother her to much sometimes. My dad is also a hero and they both have superpowers! So if you have super powers and you are a hero you can help yourself. Please do some things yourself and do not bother people for things if you can do them yourself.

KAREEM 100 word competition

This picture that I have just seen is very artistic and I like the way that they’re trying to put out the water and how the sun is going down. You can see the train and all the steam coming out of the train. It looks like to me like the fireman have got some wings and its hard to believe that it is Jean- Marc Cote! The woman and her child only have one place they can go, either up the stairs or outside in the fresh air. The fireman is trying really hard to save all the people.