Wave me goodbye, by Jacqueline Wilson.

Wave me goodbye is by Jacquline Wilson, and is her newest books.

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The book is about a young girl called Shirley, and she has to evacuate from her town because of WW2. Her dad was a solider but he wasn’t very strong. Her mother was the only person she lived with, and she was fairly kind.

Her mum lied to her and said that she was going on holiday, on a train and she had never been on one before, only when she went on a coach, to Clacton.

Star Wars Rogue One

Rogue one is the newest Star Wars movie and it is so cool it has epic characters. The main character is Jyn Erso and also Cassio. Cassio has an epic sniper and an epic rifle and the girl Jyn Erso has a quite a good pistol too. At the end she gets an epic rifle too. This is the picture of all the characters. Well the are all the main characters anyway. Do you like Star Wars like me?

Optical illusions

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Optical illusions trick your mind into thinking things that aren’t happening. This picture is actually still believe it or not!

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Can you see the two faces?

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Are these women’s legs or men’s legs?

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Are these steps?

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This is not a tunnel! It is 2D!

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Optical illusions

Optical Illusions are really cool, they trick your mind into seeing things that aren’t actually there. Here is an example…

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See? It looks like it is moving but really it is drawn in a special way to make it look like its moving. Like them? Here are some more…

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Don’t know what to do? Shake your head really quickly at the same time look at the picture… You should see a Panda!

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Is it a Duck? Or a Rabbit?

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This one makes me dizzy

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How many legs does this elephant have? Really, how many?!

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One word for you…Blink

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Where’s Wally


I like Where’s Wally book because you can be like a good detective by finding Wally in big crowds of people. I love the illustrations because they’re really colourful and the pictures are really small. They are also really interesting pictures in it.

Selena Gomez

This is Selena Gomez. She is a amazing cute and beautiful (Alex Russo was also Selena Gomez).

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One of Selena Gomez’s songs is called Magic. She also sings Kill ’em with kindness, hands to myself, same old love, come and get it, slow down and good for you. Here are some more pictures of her. I like her songs because they are catchy.

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Bye guys next time I will write a post about Little Mix.

By Eniola, Year 2.

Why I love kittens

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You can dress them up in so many cute cloths TO CUTE FOR ME.       

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kittens are to cute when they are together LOOK AT THEM THEY LOOK LIKE BEST KITTENS FOREVER. This kitten sleeps with a cute little toy mouse and a mini pillow HOW CUTE.

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Look at this, it’s like it can bond with the teddy! Those are the reasons why I like kittens. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

My brother disappeared! Part 1

”No! Max” ”Help me”  That was 10 years ago. Now it is 4185 and I’m in a SPACESHIP! I said to my parents that I was in a pretend spaceship.Image result for pretend spaceship

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But I am actually in a real one SO…

…. my parents might be reading this, so if you are I am very truly sorry! 

Hopefully this will cheer you up…

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I will try to get home as fast as I can but I am on a mission TO FIND MY FAMILY…

(to be continued…)