Year One Kodu Games

Children in Year One have been applying their knowledge of algorithms to make these games in Kodu! Please let them know what you think.

Q1. Can you tell me how they programmed the bot to move?

Q2. How have they made their bot eat the objects?

Q3. How have they enabled the player of their game to score points?

Please post your answers by adding a comment!

EYFS Computer Programming!

Reception class have been learning all about computer programming this half term. Over the last few weeks, they have been taking part in three different “carousel activities” . Group one have been acting as “human cranes” and had to find the right algorithms (sequence of instructions) to guide their partner (the “human crane”), as they moved toy bricks into different bowls. Another group were busy programming their own animation using the Scratch jnr iPad app. A third group were busy programming  the Beebots to get to the toy dinosaurs, that were spread out on their tables. The children then moved around the class to take part in each activity. All the children worked fantastically well and really impressed Mr Edmondson with their logical thinking skills. Well done reception class!

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