Reception Green Screen Fun!

Last term, pupils in Reception class learnt how to make their own Green Screen photos and videos. To fit in with their topic ‘All About Themselves’ they first found and saved an image on Safari to use as their backdrop. They then worked in pairs using the iPad app Green Screen by DoInk to capture either a photo or video in front of the green backdrop. They then superimposed their saved background image to make it appear as if they were really there! View their fantastic creations below …

The Christmas Story By Reception Class

Pupils in Reception class have been making their own stop motion animation for Computing this half term. They used the iPad app ‘I Can Animate’ to make this fantastic animation. They filmed it in front of the ‘Green Screen’ (a green piece of paper) so that they could then add in background images using the Green Screen DoInk app. Have a watch and please let them know what you think – Merry Christmas!


In Computing lessons recently, children in Reception class have been learning all about algorithms (step by step procedures or formulas for solving problems). To help them they each wrote a set of clear instructions for making a jam sandwich. They were then filmed in front of the Green Screen explaining and demonstrating how to do it. What do you think? Can you spot the next Jamie Oliver or Nigella?!


In Computing, year 4 have been researching the weather in different places around the world. After gathering their data they then presented their weather reports in front of the Greenscreen! Click on a country from the world map to find out what the weather is currently like their!

Note: Really sorry year 4 but I didn’t realise that you can only have 30 seconds maximum video clip in this application I’ve used so they don’t play right to the end i’m afraid! However I will do some QR code links to stick in your topic books so you can view the whole videos at your leisure.