Nursery Class Pictogram

Children in Nursery class have been working with Mr Edmondson, using the iPad app Pic Collage, to create a pictogram based on the fruits from the story Handa’s Surprise. After reading the story, each child voted for the favourite fruit from the story. They then worked with Mr Edmondson, to create this fantastic pictogram. Using the data displayed on their pictogram, can you answer the following questions;

  • Which two fruits were the most popular?
  • Which fruit got the least amount of votes?
  • Which 2 fruits got the same number of votes?
  • What is the difference between the most and least popular number of votes?
  • How many children voted for Mango?


How to brush your teeth videos!

In Computing, pupils in Reception class have been learning about algorithms. An algorithm is a set of instructions for carrying out a task. After coming up with an algorithm for helping Mr Edmondson to make a cup of tea, they then made their own instructional videos to explain and show others how best to brush their teeth. Please have a watch and let them know what you think! Questions to think about…

Q1: Is the algorithm in the correct sequence (order)?

Q2: Are the instructions clear and detailed?

Q3: What different time connectives did the children use?