Mozilla Thimble, Michael’s amazing crabby patty!

Hi there would you like to have a look my beautiful crabby patty, it is only £49.99!                                                                                                                         

It is the only one on this planet!                                                                                            Bob  will serve it to you ! Hurry while stocks are full!                                                  The restaurant is called MFC it stands for Michael’s fried chicken.                        Click here to see it.

P.S. I made this by writing html code!


In Computing we have been learning how to code using html. We remixed one of the Mozzilla Thimble projects called the ultimate burger. This is what I did:

  • I have changed my burger to a healthy burger and now you are going to be healthy (but not that much as it is a burger after all)!
  • I have learnt how to change things by replacing the code in between the opening and closing tags. I learnt how to change font size and also what the different html colour codes are.
  •  CLICK HERE  for my scrumdiddlyumptious burger!!!!!!!!!!


I made a html burger. You can see it here. I changed quite a few things. For example, I took out the pickles and I changed the background and the title. I learned a lot of things on Mozilla Thimble and I would love to remix another project too.

Some things I learnt…

If you delete a food and you want it back just copy and paste (ctrl and c, ctrl and v) and then type in the food you want. Never delete the commas[or other things] as your code won’t display properly.

.and always have FUN!!!!!

My Html Remixed Burger!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi! I have made a burger on mozilla thimble.Here is what I changed…

  1. I have changed the layout of the burger and got rid of some things [cheese] because seriously, who puts 4 pieces of cheese on their burger? Anyway,  I have changed this because I know how to change the html code 🙂

2. I have learnt from coding in html code that making websites is harder than you think!

3. When you change something then it has a very big difference on everything else, especially if you accidentally delete the opening and closing tags!

4.My top tip for html code is be careful what you delete because if you delete something like a < then the whole thing is gong to break!

Here s my project, just click the smiley face!  😀

Look At My “Burger” I Made On Mozilla Thimble!

If  YOU want to see a “Burger” Burger, then click HERE to see it!


About the “Burger” Burger.

*Note: I made this burger my remixing the html code in order to change what it originally looked like*

The “Burger” Burger is like an Alien Burger but it’s just like a human burger too. It just has different colour ingredients.

I will say this once. This burger is NOT suitable for vegetarians!

This burger has a lot of meat in it so beware. Having one everyday will probably make you fat.

Thanks for looking at this post!

Mozzila Thimble burger remix for 50p until 2018!!!!!!!!!

I hope you like my burger that I remixed on Mozzilla Thimble !! Here is the link to my burger  I changed the title, the order and deleted some things.  I learnt that it is fun doing things on Mozzila Thimble!!!!!

Here are 2 important  tips about how to remix on Mozzila Thimble !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never delete the important things such as the opening and closing tags.

If you delete the important things like the tags, it wont work!

The King Crusty Burger

This is a nice burger that I made by remixing html code in Mozzilla Thimble. I think you will love it. It is so nice its crazy how nice it is. But it your going to need a good amount  of money but it is properly worth it! I changed it by altering the html code between the opening and closing tags. I made it bigger by changing the size of the ingredients in the .css files. I made it better because now there is giant ingredients and it looks quite a bit different to the normal burger. I learnt how useful the html code is and that if you change it, it can change stuff and you can make it look like all sorts.  CLICK HERE to see my html remix